Forex Education 1: Learn Forex Before You Invest

The Makings of a Forex Trader

What makes a good forex trader? What is the personality profile of a successful trader? What are the characteristics of a professional trader?

Self-disciplined, self-controlled, unemotional, analytical, wary, patient, diligent, persevering, fearless, confident, wise, moderate, sensible, alert, objective, and—what else?

Important Traits of a Good Forex Trader:

  1. Focus on what is important and ignore the unnecessary details
  2. Make mistakes, learn from these mistakes, and move on
  3. Learn to be brave but start small while fighting the trading nerve
  4. Be independent and learn to decide for yourself
  5. Be patient, be willing to wait-and-watch, and be ready to leave without trading

Who Could be a Forex Trader?

Before we go any further, here’s a quick introduction of myself. Please call me Mumsie FX, a middle-aged forex trader wanna-be. I decided to use a penname because I’m kinda nervous about tackling such a challenging task of studying forex and writing about what I learn along the way. I might fall flat on my face so I’d better hide it now. lol

Where to Start with Forex

The very first step to forex trading is to learn the ropes thoroughly. The first investment to spend is not money, only time. Setting aside ample time to study forex is very important. Forex trading is not easy but to some individuals who have developed and transformed themselves as skilled forex traders, forex trading can be profitable.

Finding a forex school online is not as easy as Google-ing the keywords “forex education”. The list of search results is quite daunting. What offers the best forex training course? Which forex school to choose? How much should be paid for forex education tuition?'s School of Pipsology

Checking out each website has shortlisted 3 sites, where forex education could be gained without having to shed a dollar, one free forex online school called’s School of Pipsology outshines the rest. It offers the most detailed forex training curriculum with different levels of learning. Forex students would have to go through elementary, middle, and high school; then, college and graduation. Cool!

I like’s simple definition of what a successful trader is—one who is able to do these 3 important things: “make pips, keep pips, and repeat.”

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  3. In my experience, it is always good to put these Forex Tips infront of you, as a reminder:
    - Trade with the trend.
    - Do NOT Forget ” Stop Losses ”
    - This is very important, no emotions in trading
    - First try Forex with a demo account
    - Do your research before entering a position
    - Choose the right day to trade I hope, it helps.

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