Forex Journal: FXStreet – Trader of the Year Contest

Hello, everyone! On May 3, 2010, I joined demo contest. Anybody here who did the same? Yay! I would love to hear from you, guys! :D

First, I would like to thank my friend Mtu Pienga for inviting me (actually, he did some badgering to convince me–hehe) to join the contest. Yup, he invited me twice so I decided to sign up. (The truth why I refused the first time was sheer laziness. I didn’t want to create an account because I just felt like lazing around that day! Haha!)

Thanks to you, Mtu. I’m really glad you didn’t leave me behind. Without your encouragement, I wouldn’t be having the excitement of a trading contest. :D Although I was almost always nervous because it’s my first time participating in a competition… Yeah, nervous but still excited. As a novice trader, I was always expecting to fall flat on my face. Honestly, losing my morale was more important than losing my account in the contest.

I didn’t have a trading plan. My initial goal was just try my best to maintain my account on the positive scale and, if possible, be included in the Top 200 list of traders. So I got surprised when I hit the Top 50. While writing this blog, I am on Top 24 – haha! Omg, it’s really exciting. I’m so happy but still nervous because I just got a lot of luck with my trades last week. I couldn’t be madder! Demo Contest Ranking

How did I trade last week?

I traded like a mad scalper. I was also crazy enough to trade other currency pairs. But here’s the craziest thing I’ve done!

I got daring enough to trade 8 lots… shhh… Yeah, I know it’s mad, it’s bad, but I got lucky! It’s a well-kept secret of mine. And I shared it with you because you can keep secrets. :P P.S.Thank you. ;)

You bet, I am now enjoying trading with $50,000 capital! I really love trading with such account. I just hope I have the same starting capital for a live account :P

On my statement, anybody would see that the highlights of my trades are GBPJPY ;) Watching the charts was frustrating but worth waiting for. The break of symmetrical triangle on the 4hr chart was worth waiting. :P I entered a buy position on this pair which unfortunately pegged me down at -125 pips or $1,325. However, although I got a negative on this particular one, I’m still feeling proud on the way things had happened in the contest trading.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading my blog.

Good luck traders! Stay on the green side ok!

~Czarina Cleopatra

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  1. curt says:

    congratulations! i’m in the top 100 myself, but realized it was affecting my live trading (heavy leverage, being reckless) and had to stop.

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