Forex Journal: Week of April 26 to 30, 2010

Hello, guys! This weekly review is very, very late! But it’s better late than never ;)

Besides, I posted it here just for my own good! Serves a friendly reminder every time I see my blog. He-he :)

My gains for this week: I made a total of 129 pips. It’s been a good week. Yes, really. I’m quite happy to see that my once malnourished account was plumped back to having $240.75. I posted my trade review for April 27, 2010 here. Please, look for my trade last April 29, 2010 at my account.

I should be preening but–honestly, I’m not satisfied with my trading performance. I don’t know how I could stop myself from exiting my trades early. Maybe, I’m still too scared to stay long in the market. Too coward for my trading. Too interested on profit protection. Too everything. Which is better: protecting the profit or missing some profit? Whichever you chose, I still think that discretion is the mother of self-discipline. I’d be like “Darn, I missed the peak!” most of the time; but it’s better than like this “Oh! I’m gonna faint! I busted my account!” :)

To cut this long story short, I deliberately chose the measly amount of $250 for my demo account. I was curious and eager to know what will happen to my GBP/JPY trades using a micro account. Trying to tame the ‘Beast’ with a very short whip was quite exhilarating. This gutsy challenge seemed odd and foolish. Yet the first month was a bit successful—but for how long?

I would like to hear from my fellow traders. Please share your thoughts. Email me this message: “Stop this craziness, young lady! You can’t possibly trade GBP/JPY with a crazy account like $250! Think again!” at…

my hotmail

I dare you all ;)

Again, thanks for reading my blog!
~Czarina Cleopatra

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